A little more than a month ahead of his debut album Process, New York rapper Chukwu is sharing 'Quiche,' an ode to grinding in the pursuit of creating art and a masterclass in mind-bending production.

According to Chukwu (real name Toby Ekpunobi), the track was written as he was trying to strike a balance between the need to make a living and a need to be creative, "which often meant being at home by myself staring at a computer screen until [5 a.m.], making sure the sound is how it should be."

Musically, 'Quiche,' and Process as a whole, draws from a deep musical well that includes Nigerian highlife and Afro-Caribbean folk music. These samples are used to profound effect, injecting 'Quiche' with vivacity as well as a flavor of the psychedelic, as distant dissonant bells loop around Chukwu's poetic lyricism. It makes for a listen as hypnotic as it is thought-provoking.

New York readers can catch Chukwu at a few upcoming shows in Brooklyn and Queens, which you can check out below. His debut LP Process is due out on Sept. 27 via Veriditas Recordings.

29 August - National Sawdust; Brooklyn, NY
27 September - National Sawdust (Sauce Sessions); Brooklyn, NY
29 September - h0l0; Queens, NY