Previously known for their synthpop, the New York trio New Myths recently stepped out with the barn-burning single 'One Good Reason," which showcases a ripping new rock sound reminiscent of Blondie, The Pretenders and beyond. The video for the track, which premieres today, leans into this new aesthetic as the group lets loose and shreds through their catchy-as-all-hell new track.

'One Good Reason' highlights the collaborative power of New Myths, which is composed of guitarist Brit Boras, drummer Rosie Slaters and bassist Marina Ross. All three instruments pack a lot of punch on this song, each playing off one another and helping to fill-out the song's raucous sound. And the fact that all three members are excellent vocalists further elevates the band's ability to craft a layered, compelling sound.

You can check out the video for New Myths' 'One Good Reason' up above.