New York-based singer/songwriter Raveena has found a place in my heart as one of the most exciting new musicians of the year. Jump back to January and I was left floored when she released her debut single 'You Give Me That'. A couple of months later, it was two for two with 'Something's Gotta Give' - a breezy, summer-yearning record that just gave me all the good feelings in my stomach.

It goes without saying that Raveena has done it again with 'Johnny It's The Last Time', which details a relationship turned sour, near abusive. For a subject so disturbing, the Everett Orr production combined with Raveena's stunning vocal manages to remain light and enjoyable. "The lyrics are kind of neurotic and detail an unhealthy, violent relationship--a delicate story and tough topic to approach that I had been wanting to get out on a song for a while," she told Nylon. "For me, coupling these darker themes with a really upbeat hip-hop groove and dreamy live jazz orchestra added an empowering element to the story I originally wrote."

'Johnny It's The Last Time' is available now on all good digital platforms.