New Zealander Navvy has released the sublime sophomore single ‘100 Thousand’. It’s a breathy, playful piece of pop that has an irresistible replay quality. The subject matter is complete sadness, yet sharp snap-drums and shuffling beats lift the track from a place of heartache to absolute self-love. It’s steady build matches the incline of Navvy’s realisation there are a hundred thousand option potential options out there for her.

Speaking on the song, she says “100 Thousand came from a place of helplessness in the loss or love, but turning that into strength, and realising that I’m going to be absolutely fine. At the same time as thinking of all of the things I could do to get back at someone that did something so terrible, I’m realising that there’s no point because there are so many people in the world that will be better to me than he was.”

After winning favour for her previous single, ‘100 Thousand’ continues Navvy’s faultless run of cool-pop and excites us to see where she’ll take her sound next.

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