Auckland band Wax Chattels have announced their self-titled debut album for May 18th via Captured Tracks and Flying Nun. The trio makes explosive rock music that sounds confrontational, but is actually pretty casual, as their new single 'In My Mouth' proves.

'In My Mouth' may be a scorching post-punk song, but it's an "homage to Auckland's best dive bar." This homely explanation of what the song is about only goes so far to explaining the thrills and spills found within 'In My Mouth'. Judging from the sonics of the track, the dive bar in question is an extremely rowdy and messy place, full of cheap liquor and sweat crawling up the walls, giving the place a delightfully toxic atmosphere. As 'In My Mouth' descends into its rhythmically hypnotic ending, you feel as though you've reached the point of black out drunkness, and are just flailing in joy with the noise. Check out 'In My Mouth' below.

Wax Chattels is set to tackle themes of adversity, as well as some more fun topics like X-Files. It comes out on May 18th and can be pre-ordered here.