Do anything for long enough, and at some point, you’ll ask yourself, why exactly am I doing this again? I get the feeling that New Zealand-based Rwandan rapper Raiza Biza probably asked himself something like this last year during this debut European/UK tour with Blaze The Emperor. As it turns out, aside from the love of making thoughtful and confident jazz & soul infused rap music, and speaking to the increasingly relatable experience of immigrants making a new life for themselves on the other side of the world, for Raiza, it’s about sharing life’s special experiences with those around you.

After scoring a week of recording time at Red Bull Studios in Auckland, Raiza and his AmmoNation comrades NASH, Jane Deezy, Bianca Paulus, Blaze The Emperor and Crime Heat teamed up with their friends STUSS, SUG, MeloDownz and Mzwètwo, and put together the AmmoNation: Volume 1 EP. Showcasing the different crew members in individual and posse cut settings, it’s a smooth blend of energetic dance-tempo raps, memory lane trap and laidback soul/RnB slow jams detailed by reflective lyrics, vivid storytelling, the brutality and beauty of reality, and sky-high aspirations tempered by the importance of friends and family. Whether you’re looking for peak turn-up jams, or rear-view mirror music for the drive home AmmoNation: Volume 1 EP has something to offer.

You can stream AmmoNation: Volume 1 EP below via soundcloud.