The interesting thing about unlikely - or unexpected - collaborations is how often they fit together with a level of cohesion that makes them seem like the most normal thing in the world. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. 'Hunnid On The Drop' is one of those collabs. Facilitated by Red Bull Sound Select, 'Hunnid On The Drop' saw young New Zealand beatmaker Montell2099, an understated 21-year old from the tiny North Island town of Katikati, travel to Los Angeles. There, he took part in a studio session with Atlanta's 21 Savage, one of the few conventional street rappers currently experiencing mainstream success in America.

Montell2099 has been a bit of a rising SoundCloud sensation for a while now, and you can hear it in his golden ratio level production work. An exercise in deconstructed beat architecture, the 'Hunnid On The Drop' instrumental deploys sparkly stargazed pads and haunted atmospheric melodies to support 21 Savage's dead-eyed delivery, in the process delivering a fresh perfective on his frosty aesthetic. It goes beyond studio magic as well, a few weeks ago 21 Savage pulled up at a Montell2099 show in Los Angeles and performed the song with him. Montell2099 is 21, and he's working with 21 Savage. Let's see where this goes next.