London-based producer Daniele De Matteis takes his Soul Island vehicle on the digital-pop road with his latest cut, ‘Night Shore’. The Italian-born electro-pop producer/songwriter mixes a collective of electronic beats that channel through the sectors of electronica, chillwave, ambient-house and alt-pop. The merging of genres is palpable on ‘Night Shore’—a track that voyages through a textural and fragmented soundscape engaged with temporal joys and spiritual serenity.

‘Night Shore’ marks the third cut for the relative newcomer, who just released his second single ‘Neon Vision’ in early November. Before that, he introduced the world to his very first release with ‘Ocean’. Those tracks feature vocals while ‘Night Shore’ is produced completely without the aid of lyrics. In fact, ‘Night Shore’ takes on a completely instrumental synth approach alongside progressing drumbeats. It’s a bouncy effort that’s propelled by a strong crescendo leading the track to open up its wings and soar jubilantly in its final stretch.

On the debut LP, Soul Island notes, “‘Shards’ is a collection of personal chants and soundscapes about feelings protection and growth. Each one is a fragment of my story and inner speech on what’s intimate but also on what’s outside, from subcultures to global issues. All weaved with analog arps and beats, made using gear that I’ve accumulated over time.” Italian indie-pop songstress/producer Matilde Davoli (Populous, Indian Wells, Giorgio Tuma and Lucia Manca) aided Soul Island with the mixing and post-production of the record.

Take your first listen to ‘Night Shore’ below:

Shards will be released on December 7th, 2018 via Loyal To Your Dreams and can be pre-ordered here.