You probably haven’t heard of BOII because this is the first song released by Brooklyn-based producer Joshua Hoisington and London-based singer/songwriter Adam Welsh. However, these newcomers should be known soon enough after just releasing their debut single, ‘Trace of Us’. The track weaves a web of sounds from the sources of EDM, dance, pop, and alternative R&B. ‘Trace of Us’ starts off with a subtle touch of the piano and soft claps before Welsh’s tender vocals come emotively into play. The 4-minute composition turns into a full on mid-tempo banger that conveys much more emotional heft than your standard dance-pop effort. For those reasons, BOII is standing out in a crowd of very familiar faces.

The backstory of ‘Trace of Us’ is that the inspiration for it was derived from the excerpts found in Adam's anxiety-filled teenage journal. These intimate narratives signified a deep comfort for Welsh. This led to his own contentment of realizing that in the end everything will work out the way its intended to. The BOII moniker was a name his co-pilot Hoisington recommended when he observed that Adam had, rather inadvertently, penned many songs from the perspective of a paternal figure towards either a son or a young man. Two i's are used instead of a y to represent the two of them and also anchored in the idea that we never really grow up in the way society perceives us to all do accordingly. It’s another reminder that becoming an "adult" is merely a concept for most rather than a stark reality that any of us truly want to embrace.

BOII’s ‘Trace of Us’ is now available via Animal Talk Records.