19-year-old musicmaker Hannah Rogers aka Pixx has just been ushered into the 4AD family with the announcement of her debut EP, Fall In, scheduled for release on 28th August.

"It's incredible to be welcomed with open arms to a label that is home to so many artists that have influenced me over the years," says Rogers herself, a Surrey native hailing from Chipstead, just south of South London.

She's also shared the video, directed by The Marshall Darlings, for the EP's title track, which you can watch below. Her unintonated voice, with no pretence or unnecessary polish in earshot – i.e. she sings without "putting on" a voice – feels literally like a breath of fresh air; twinned with the expansive electronic breeze that is the bustling production of the track, as well as the typically bleak-looking English coast depicted in the video, there is something refreshingly and endearingly honest about 'Fall In'. It's not folk, it's not pop: it's self-expression through modern music.

Pre-order Fall In here.

  • Fall In tracklist:
  • 1. Fall In
  • 2. A Way To Say Goodbye
  • 3. Flee
  • 4. Deplore