The 405 have come across some awesome exhibitions that will be taking place next year at the Ultralounge in Selfridges! Read on to find out more!

February 2009 sees the launch of three very special art exhibitions at the Ultralounge in Selfridges, London, followed by a public auction of all the works on display.

ArtCore, a joint venture between Mary McCarthy of Dreweatts Auction House and Ernesto Leal from Our Cultural History, is the first ever visual documentation of Acid House and the rave movement. Its a historical exhibition celebrating the visual side of 21 years of dance culture and will feature a host of artwork from the most iconic clubs and raves over that period. These will include the The End Club, QueerNation, Hacienda, Spectrum, Beyond Therapy, Raindance, Tribal Gathering, Circus, Warp, Trade, DIY, Back To Basics, Sign Of The Times and many more. . It will also feature work on canvas, paper and metal by the movement’s original artists and designers such as Goldie, Trevor Jackson, Darren Bartlett, Derek Yates, Mark Wigan, Trevor Johnston, Chu, Tom Hingston, Jason Kedgley, Matthew Smith, Ollie Timmins, Pierre Anstis, Inkie, Steve Perry (Pez) and Dave Little.

There will also be an Urban Art exhibition, curated by Mary McCarthy, which will run concurrently with Artcore and will feature works by some of the leading national and international street artists of today, including Banksy, Nick Walker, Adam Neate, Faile, Antony Micallef, Guy Denning, Bast, Seen, Matt Small, Blek Le Rat, Rene Gagnon, Beejoir, Jeff Aerosol, Mimi the Clown, D*Face, alongside several artists who will be creating work primarily for the sale, such as Goldie, Ame 72, CBloxx, Inkie, Dan, Mau Mau, Eelus, K-Guy, Rowdy, Flx, Silent Hobo, David Walker, Pinky, Ryca, Jim Starr, SPQR, Motorboy, Kev Munday and joined by auction virgins, Chu, Partism, Pam Glew, Faith 47, Klit, TRXTR, Byroglyphics, Danny O’Connor, Ben Slow and Grafter.

The third exhibition will be The Success Collection, twenty works by the leading lights of the British street art scene that will be sold specifically to raise money for the Prince’s Trust.

There will be a private view of the ArtCore exhibition at the Ultralounge on 12th February that will then open to the public from 13th February. This will be followed by an invite only old skool rave featuring some of the leading names, both artists and DJs, from that time, at a venue to be announced in due course.

The Urban Art exhibition and The Success Collection will be on display from 20th February, preceded by a private view on 19th February. An auction for all the works will take place on 26th February at the Ultralounge.