We have news about a new Gregory & The Hawk album entitled 'Moenie and Kitchi'.  Heres the press release... FatCat are pleased to announce the debut album from Gregory & The Hawk. Gregory & The Hawk is a project led by the captivating vocal talents of native New Yorker Meredith Godreau, who has been performing under said moniker to massive DIY success for five years now. In what is a staggering accomplishment for an artist without a label, manager or booking agent, she’s sold in excess of 15,000 self-released singles, bringing about a groundswell of support on the internet that has resulted in over 17 pages of fans covering her songs on YouTube, also receiving around 60 fan letters a week – half of these from the UK. 'Moenie and Kitchi' is out October 13 2008, preceded by the single 'Ghost' on 29 Sept 2008.