Today's roundup includes The Hidden Cameras, Hop Farm Festival, ATP Festival and Devolution. The Hidden Cameras The Hidden Camera's (pictured above) have announced they'll be releasing their fourth album, Origin:Orphan on the 22nd of September through Arts & Crafts. Hop Farm Festival Hop Farm will be bringing you two days of football in association with Soccer Six, festival goers will be joined by ex-footballers, TV personalities and even some of the bands who’ll be taking a well earned break from entertaining the crowds. Sounds good to me! ATP Festival The following bands have been added to this Decembers ATP Festival: BATTLES STEPHEN MALKMUS AND THE JICKS J MASCIS AND THE FOG SUNN O))) APSE ALEXANDER TUCKER & DECOMPOSED ORCHESTRA Devolution Devolution arrives in Manchester for its inaugural slash of guitar thrusting, lip pouting messiness on the 10th July @ Moho Live, Tib St. Live bands, Burlesque dancers, 2 rooms of emo / pop punk / metal / hardcore / rock and all other variety of tight jeans, haircuts, shape throwing and moshing madness. It’s a Friday night rock up of alt delight. Opening this monthly rawk affair are Rolo Tomassi and The 405 recommends you check it out! Spotify Baby! Remember to check out the following 405 Playlists: The 405 Radar The 405 Staff Picks