Today's roundup includes First Aid Kit, Kill It Kid!, Los Campesinos! (again: we cant get enough), plus SWN festival line-up news! As the nights get longer and the days colder and wetter, ensconce yourself in the warming glow of youtube and indoor festivals! *Remember! The news roundup gets updated throughout the day, so make sure you come back later for more news! First Aid Kit Sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg (pictured above) release the follow up to their debut EP 'Drunken Trees' this week, in the form of 'Hard Believer' and b-side 'Waltz For Richard'. The single is taken from First Aid Kit's debut album, due for release in early 2010. The beautifully shot video for 'Hard Believer' can be seen here: BUSH HALL, LONDON W/ FANFARLO TONIGHT - SOLD OUT With what promises to be an amazing show tonight, the girls continue their UK tour alongside co-headliners Fanfarlo with the following dates: 07 - Brighton Hanbury Ballroom w/ Fanfarlo 08 - Cardiff Iforbach w/ Fanfarlo 09 - Leeds Brudenell Social Club w/ Fanfarlo You can find more info/videos/tracks, new promo shots and the hi-res packshot for 'Hard Believer' here: Kill It Kid 'Heaven Never Seemed So Close' Video Los Campesinos! 'There Are Listed Buildings' video

There Are Listed Buildings from Los Campesinos! on Vimeo. SWN Festival LATE ADDITION! - WILD BEASTS SWN FESTIVAL 2009 THURSDAY 22ND - SATURDAY 24TH, OCTOBER The line-up for SWN Festival 2009 is now complete, with the late of addition of Wild Beasts! One of 2009's most lauded bands will join the likes of Los Campesinos!, Dananananaykroyd, Girls, Pulled Apart By Horses, The Drums, Slow Club, Mary Anne Hobbs, Johnny Foreigner and Marina & the Diamonds for the Cardiff fest. Check out the FULL and FINAL line-up below! PLUS stage times.. SWN FESTIVAL 2009 FULL LINE-UP & SET TIMES THURSDAY 22 OCT/Iau Hydref 22 Dempseys Shape presents... Zun Zun Egui (11.00pm-11.45pm) Evils (10.00pm-10.30pm Islet (9.00pm-9.30pm) Fredrick Stanley Star (8.00pm-8.30pm) Them Squirrels (7.00pm-7.30pm) plus Shape DJs (upstairs until 2.00am) or Twisted By Design (on the ground floor until 2.00am) Clwb Ifor Bach Eat Your Own Ears presents... Drums Of Death (9.30pm-10.00pm) Unicorn Kid (9.00pm-9.30pm) Gold Panda (8.30pm-9.00pm) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (8.00pm-8.30pm) Zwolf (7.30pm-8.00pm) Glass Diamond (7.00pm-7.30pm) plus DJ Scraggatron Y Fuwch Goch Kruger presents... Portasound (11.00pm-11.30pm) Not Cool (10.00pm-10.30pm) Jonquil (9.00pm-9.30pm) Three Trapped Tigers (8.00pm-8.30pm) Fiction (7.00pm-7.30pm) plus Brainlove DJs (until 2.00am) City Arms SWN Pop Quiz (5.00pm-6.45pm) Guto Pryce (SFA) DJ Set (7.00pm-10.00pm) DIG! DJs (10.00pm-1.30am) The Model Inn Lesson#1 presents... And They Will Riot (10.30pm-11.00pm) Devil Man (9.30pm-10.00pm) Team Brick (8.30pm-9.00pm) The Death Of Her Money (7.30pm-8.00pm) Toucan Club Mice Girls DJs (midnight-2.00am) Dr Kiko DJ (9.30pm-midnight) Rowan Da Riddim DJ (11.30pm-2.00am) Tu Chwith (Welsh Language Films 7.30pm-9.00pm) Barfly In The City presents... Gallops (7.30pm-8.00pm) Lost Knives (8.30pm-9.00pm) The Crookes (9.30pm-10.00pm) Milk White White Teeth (10.30pm-11.00pm) The Gate Newsoundwales + Gathered In Song present Wild Beasts (9.30pm-10.30pm) The Young Republic (9.00pm-9.30pm) Pete Lawrie (8.30pm-9.00pm) Don't Move (8.00pm-8.30pm) The Irascibles (ft members of Young Marble Giants 7.30pm-8.00pm) Hail! The Planes (7.00pm-7.30pm) Chapter Arts Centre BBC Wales Adam Walton and BBC Radio 1 Introducing in Wales with Bethan Elfyn present... Marina And The Diamonds (9.45pm-10.30pm) Son Capson (9.15pm-9.45pm) Post War Years (8.45pm-9.15pm) Race Horses (8.15pm-8.45pm) Bright Light Bright Light (7.45pm-8.15pm) Martin Carr (7.15pm-7.45pm) Zimmermans (6.45pm-7.15pm) Science Bastard (6.15pm-6.45pm) these shows will be recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio 1 Introducing In Wales with Bethan Elfyn National Museum Cardiff Victorian English Gentlemen's Club (3.30pm-4.15pm) FRIDAY 23 OCT/Gwener Hydref 23 Dempseys Cardiff Live Music Society, Quench and Xpress present... Gideon Conn (11.30pm-12.15am) Dimbleby & Capper (10.30pm-11.00pm) Silver Gospel Runners (9.30pm-10.00pm) Elephant & Soldier (8.30pm-9.00pm) plus Xpress DJs (12.15am-2.00am) Clwb Ifor Bach Fear & Records versus Big Scary Monsters presents... Pulled Apart By Horses (10.00pm-10.45pm) Johnny Foreigner (9.00pm-10.00pm) Decmials (8.30pm-9.00pm) You Animals (8.00pm-8.30pm) Talons (7.30pm-8.00pm) Exit International (7.00pm-7.30pm) followed (downstairs) by The Dudes Abide clubnight with DJs Fear & Records vs Big Scary Monsters (until 3.00am) and followed (upstairs) by... Neuropol and Aperture presents... Mary Anne Hobbs (2.00am-3.30am) Daedelus (live) (1.00am-2.00am) Jakwob (midight-1.00am) DJ Gemmy (11.00pm-midnight) plus Aperture DJs in the middle floor (11.00pm-3.00am) Y Fuwch Goch Turnstile presents... Girls (11.15pm-midnight) The Longcut (10.00pm-10.45pm) Swanton Bombs (9.00pm-9.30pm) Sweet Baboo (8.00pm-8.30pm) Threatmantics (7.00pm-7.30pm) City Arms Heavenly Jukebox DJs (10.00pm-2.00am) Dirty Pop DJs (7.00pm-10.00pm) SWN Bingo (5.00pm-6.45pm) The Model Inn Strange News From Another Star (12.30am-1.15am) Rogues (11.15pm-midnight) Hafaliadau=Equations (10.00pm-10.45pm) Cymdeithias Yr Hobos Unig (8.30pm-9.15pm) Donde Stars (7.15pm-8.00pm) Toucan Club The Pipettes + Oli Dutton (DJ Sets) (11.30pm-3.00am) Katell Keineg (10.30pm-11.00pm) Geraint Williams (9.30pm-10.00pm) Denuo (8.30pm-9.00pm) Ellie Makes Music (7.30pm-8.00pm) Daedelus Lecture (A lecture by Daedelus 6.00pm-7.00pm) Cube Interactive Seminars (Three Sessions - 11.00am-3.00pm) Welsh Music Foundation Welsh Language Seminars (3.30pm-4.30pm and 5.00pm-6.00pm) Barfly Wakestock presents... Master Shortie (10.00pm-10.45pm) Beatbullyz (9.00pm-9.30pm) Soft Toy Emergency (8.00pm-8.30pm) Envy (7.00pm-7.30pm) The Gate Fat Cat present The Twilight Sad (9.30pm-10.30pm) Tom Brosseau (9.00pm-9.30pm) We Were Promised Jetpacks (8.15pm-9.00pm) Our Brother The Native (7.45pm-8.15pm) Vito (7.15pm-7.45pm) Draw Me Stories (6.45pm-7.15pm) Chapter Arts Centre Peppermint Patti present... The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club (10.00pm-11.00pm) Rose Elinor Dougall (9.15pm-10.00pm) Emily Breeze (8.45pm-9.15pm) Paper Aeroplanes (8.15pm-8.45pm) Wet Dog (7.45pm-(8.15pm) Barefoot Dance Of The Sea (7.15pm-7.45pm) King Alexander (6.45pm-7.15pm) James Tyson (6.15pm-6.45pm) SATURDAY 24 OCT/Sadwrn Hydref 24 Dempseys Moshi Moshi presents... Slow Club (11.30pm-12.15am) The Drums (10.00pm-10.45pm) Teeth (9.00pm-9.30pm) Yr Ods (8.00pm-8.30pm) E And E (7.00pm-7.30pm) plus Moshi Moshi DJs until 2.30am Clwb Ifor Bach The Miniature Music Press presents... Gaggle (10.30pm-11.00pm) Beth Jeans Houghton (9.45pm-10.30pm) Sons of Noel & Adrian (9.15pm-9.45pm) Stornoway (8.45pm-9.15pm) Al Lewis (8.15pm-8.45pm) Y Promatics (7.45pm-8.15pm) Y Fuwch Goch Fierce Panda presents... Goldheart Assembly (9.30pm-10.15pm) The Molotovs (8.30pm-9.00pm) Cate Le Bon (7.15pm-8.00pm) Taxi Taxi! (6.15pm-6.45pm) City Arms Adam Walton DJ Set (11.00pm-2.00am) Sulwax + special guests DJ Sets (6.00pm-8.00pm) Scrabble Saturday (2.00pm-6.00pm) Pete Fowler (DJ Set) (2.00pm-4.00pm) The Model Inn Right Hand, Left Hand (midnight-12.45am) Error Error (11.00pm-11.30pm) Y Pencadlys (10.00pm-10.30pm) Nos Sadrwn Bach (9.00pm-9.30pm) John Grindell (7.45pm-8.00pm) Y Morgrug (6.30pm-7.00pm) Swn=Sound (5.15pm-6.00pm) Toucan Club Acid Casuals (DJ Set) (11.00pm-1.00am) Underpass (10.00pm-10.30pm) Minotaur Shock (9.00pm-9.30pm) Anchorsong (8.00pm-8.30pm) Huw M (7.00pm-7.30pm) Gwenno (6.00pm-6.30pm) Lawnsiad Nofel Newydd Llwyd Owen (4.00pm-5.00pm) PRS Foundation Seminar (5.00pm-6.00pm) Fanzine Workshop (12.30pm-2.30pm) Welsh Music Foundation Seminars (12.30pm-1.30pm / 2.00pm-3.00pm / 3.30pm-4.30pm) Barfly DAYTIME SHOW Music Development, Schools And Lifelong Learning presents... Loverman (5.00pm-5.30pm) Tubelord (4.00pm-4.30pm) Supertennis (3.00pm-3.30pm) Pilot Falls (2.00pm-2.30pm) Mostin' Ill (1.00pm-1.30pm) Barfly EVENING SHOW The Complete Stone Roses (9.00pm-10.30pm) The Gate Los Campesinos! present Los Campesinos! (9.30pm-10.30pm) Internet Forever (9.00pm-9.30pm Dananananakroyd (8.15pm-9.00pm) Munch Munch (7.45pm-8.15pm) Copy Haho(7.15pm-7.45pm) Sparky Deathcap (6.45pm-7.15pm) a little treat from Gareth Campesinos and friends (6.15pm-6.45pm) Chapter Arts Centre Loose present... the annual SWN/Loose alldayer Broken Family Band (penultimate ever show!) (9.45pm-11.00pm) The Leisure Society (8.45pm-9.30pm) The Pipettes (7.45pm-8.30pm) Tim And Sam's Tim And Sam Band With Tim And Sam (7.00pm-7.30pm) Lucky Soul (6.15pm-6.45pm) Chris TT (5.30pm-6.00pm) Mitchell Museum (4.45pm-5.15pm) Zissou (4.00pm-4.30pm) Frankie & The Heartstrings (3.15pm-3.45pm) Cat Mouse Cat (2.30pm-3.00pm) plus SWN Mo Wrestling (in the car park 12.00pm-6.00pm) Oxjam Second Hand Record Fayre (in the bar 2.00pm-8.00pm) Parents + Toddlers DJ Sets (in the bar 12.00pm-6.00pm) Cardiff University Students Union Great Hall Silent Disco Cardiff (11.00pm-4.00am) This will be Wales' largest ever Silent Disco! (follow @silentcardiff for more updates) The Vulcan Literary and Poetry Readings (time tba) Venue to be arranged We will also announce the winner of British Council's Radio Competition 'Opencities - Soundtrack for Cardiff' (time tba)