Today's roundup includes Jamie T, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Sunny Day Real Estate and The Black Eyes Peas confusion. Jamie T - New EP Jamie T (pictured above) has a new EP out today called Sticks ‘N’ Stones (Virgin), and is playing an iTunes Festival gig on Wednesday 1st July. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinsons New Single! Hot on the heels of two packed out and heady performances at The Great Escape and Stag & Dagger last month, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson announces the release of his new single ‘Woodfriend’ (out on the 13 of July 2009) Woop. Sunny Day Real Estate are back! That's right! The band are back together! With the Get Up Kids back maybe 2009 will be the year of Emo? Glastonbury!? London!? If the photo above suggests these guys might have some brain cells missing then the photographer has done their job well. Throughout their Glastonbury set last night, the band repeatedly said "What's Up, London?". Ouch. Spotify Baby! Remember to check out the following 405 Playlists: The 405 Radar The 405 Staff Picks The 405 Ultimate Mixtape (Add songs to it!)