Heres the latest news on These United States!

Sick, tired, torn, and frayed, These United States let no dust settle under their soles this spring as they made the pilgrimage from DC to Lexington, KY just 9 weeks after the release of their debut album, sights set on a rock-and-roll reformation.  The result is Crimes, TheseUS's sophomore album, recorded in six short days at Shangri-La Studios, and out to the world October 7th.  

One part Rolling Thunder Revue, one part banged-and-bruised balladeering, two parts just plain strange, Crimes sees the band hitch an American folklore ride down diverging tracks from A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden's trembling psych-folk tendencies. Bandleader Jesse Elliott's casual croon careens more often towards a yearning yelp - desperate times, you know? - as his merry gang of Obviously Five Believers vamp all piss and vinegar, hoot and holler, multi-instrumental mischief and sly saloon smiles. In place of Picture's lovelorn protagonists, Crimes supplants the classic characters of a world gone wicked: bad men in boots and boats, all-too-able Cains, wolves in fresh-shorn sheepskin, sold-out sirens of the seashore, knife-wielding big-talking drunk drinkers, Moriartys, don Quijotes, Samuel Clemenses, and all manner of disillusioned Appleseeds in between - with the occasional dogged optimist thrown in for good measure, of course; even the world itself can't be all bad all the time.  As self-effacing as they are scathing, though, Crimes' critiques are ultimately an empathetic eye towards the sins, schemes, devils, and delusions that bind us all. Dreams, in other words. Hot off pressing the '08 flesh from Paris to Portland and Glastonbury Fest to SXSW, These United States will of course continue their mad march to - well, any sea that will have them - in support of Crimes. 


Fri. 8/08        IOTA           Arlington, VA            Sun. 8/09    IOTA           Arlington, VA        Tues. 8/11    Fort Reno       Washington, DC    Thurs. 8/13    Gypsy Hut       Cincinnati, OH        Fri. 8/14        The Hideout       Chicago, IL             Sat. 8/15        Slowdown       Omaha, NE           Sun. 8/16    Hi-Dive           Denver, CO          Mon. 8/17    Kilby Court       Salt Lake City, UT         Tues. 8/18    Record Exchange       Boise, ID         Wed. 8/19    Caterina Winery       Spokane, WA         Sat. 8/22        Dept. of Safety         Anacortes, WA            Sun. 8/23    Sunset Tavern       Seattle, WA          Mon. 8/24    Holocene       Portland, OR        Wed. 8/26    TBA           San Francisco, CA         Thurs. 8/27    Echo Curio       Los Angeles, CA         Fri. 8/28        Plush           Tucson, AZ         Thurs. 9/03    The Billiken Club  St. Louis, MO        Sat. 9/05        Bear's Place       Bloomington, IN         Sun. 9/06       Magic Bag       Ferndale, MI       


These United States Crimes (United Interests) Street Date: Oct. 7, 2008 1. West Won 2. Susie at the Seashore 3. Get Yourself Home (In Search of the Mistress Whose Kisses Are Famous) 4. Pleasure and Pain and Pride and Me 5. We Go Down to That Corner 6. Honor Amongst Thieves 7. Six Fast Bullets (Five Complaints) 8. Heaven Can Wait 9. Study the Moon 10. Those Low Country Girls 11. Old John Chapman Takes a Good Long Walk 12. When You're Traveling at the Speed of Light

Listen to 'West Won' below!