If the row with America's NSA activities and Microsoft's Xbox One Kinect camera always being on (indiscriminately watching and recording you) isn't enough, Apple has come to join the band wagon.

A patent has surfaced displaying what would be a possible new iPhone 5S design with a added security feature - A Fingerprint scanner.

 photo AppleFingerprintScannerPatent-580-75.jpg

The technology seems to not require any different user interaction with their iPhone as the regular motion of sliding your finger to open your iPhone acts as a scanner as well, scanning as they slide their finger across the screen.

Although it may have its uses in making security tighter for the user, I can't help but be irked at the possibilities of this tech being used for data mining. The uses of a fingerprint electronically tagged to a device could be used in cases of theft of ANY kind, both physically (The iPhone is stolen) or digitally (Jail-breaking of the iPhone to download music or films illegally).

Even if that may seem far-fetched for some, I personally still find the technology intrusive as we already have Passports that are chipped that don't require skin cell data or an iris to be scanned. However with corporations such as Microsoft and Apple forcing such security measures upon society and people accepting them, it seems these security measures will become the norm in time.