Fools Gold's own Nick Catchdubs has finally announced his debut album. Titled Smoke Machine, it's out on 28 April and includes his newest song 'Full House' which features Heems (formerly of Das Racist) and Troy Ave. The album will also see guest spots from IAMSU!, Jay Ant, and B.I.C., so it should be one hell of a way to kick off your career - read what Catchdubs has to say about the record below.

Smoke Machine is an album I've been working on in bits and pieces for the last year or two. It didn't start with a mission statement, or a grand thematic concept. But in the process of making music for other artists and helping with their projects, there would always be tracks we made that never quite fit. In a weird way, those oddballs were the songs that felt the most like "me," and the sound of Smoke Machine started to take shape. A musical island of misfit toys. Cut-n-paste collab club music that wasn't going to make sense anywhere else.

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