Nick Mulvey has released a new four track EP Dancing For The Answers to coincide with his current UK headline tour. It opens on the epic eight-minute title track which incorporates his classic finger-pick styling whilst ambitiously gestures with new sounds completely alien to Mulvey’s current discography. Produced by long-term collaborator and friend Dan Carey, electronic beats punctuate Nick’s earthy vocal in a remix-like fashion. It adds another dimension to his worldly folk sound and suggests a more artificial direction for new music.

Speaking of the track and its unusual incarnation, Mulvey explains: “’Dancing For The Answers’ and ‘Give It To Kali' came from a week's work at Dan Carey's studio in South London last May, where we abandoned our planned schedule in favour of voyages into jams unknown, free-form playing and the daily micro-dosing of sacramental cactuses.”

Clearly a psychedelic experience, Nick also mentions that an apparition of the late, great Bowie visited him in a dream to offer direction on how to manipulate and change album track ‘Wake Up Now’ into the experimental ‘Dancing For The Answers’. This bravery in structure and production exemplifies the startling potential of this exciting, innovative singer/songwriter and his openness to explore new genres and styles of sound.

The Dancing For The Answers EP is available now through Fiction Records digitally and on limited edition 12” vinyl - buy here.