Blood Orange's recent Cupid Deluxe, an album dripping in '90s nostalgia, seems to have inspired a glut of artists paying to tribute to the era of Seinfeld, Crystal Pepsi, and Saved By The Bell. The latest one to join this gang of nostalgia hunters is LA's Nicky Sparkles, a name that screams '90s pop act. Signed to Nicolas Jaar's Other People label, which is a hell of a seal of approval right there, Sparkles' debut single, 'It's Your Life', is a sun-drenched breeze of a track.

Sparkles' vocals are the main appeal of the track which sounds like a mix between Michael Jackson's infamous falsetto and George Michael's swaggering bravado. Surrounding that like a cool breeze on a warm summer's day is a woozy beat akin to something you'd find on a Neon Indian or Hooray for Earth track. The accompanying video features plenty of colourful outfits, VCR rewinding and fastforwarding (remember that?!), and some more references to Michael Jackson with the dance moves. It's the kind of track that makes you want to crack open a can of Surge, put funny coloured ketchup on your chips, and just chill out.

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