If all rappers in Melbourne sound as good as Nico Ghost, I'd say it's probably time to invade their fair shores.

21-year-old Ghost was born in South Africa but moved New Zealand at the age of two as it "wasn't really a great place to be" by his accounts. His background is an interesting one. "I'm the only survivor of four brothers," he told Noisey. "Two were murdered, the other committed suicide. This all happened before I was 13. I died emotionally after that, that's why I go with the name Nico Ghost. I was a ghost for a long time. I remember a lot from those younger years, tragic things rather than good memories but I kind of dealt with that later on in life."

Currently supporting Wu-Tang Clan on their Australian tour, Nico drops the aywy-produced 'Night Terrors', which details his demons in quite a graphic way. It's an intense listen but worthy of your time.