The Stratford-based rapper gets firm thumbs up from Nicola after his 'Lean & Bop' mantra lodged itself deep in her head. And feet! Nicola says: "I know his A&R and he's played me some of the stuff that he's been working on and he's just brilliant. It's about authenticity - when someone puts themselves and their personality into a record, they're the ones creating the music and they manage to find that hook that can cross them over - it's all you need, you know? That's the key."

The debut mixtape from J Hus, The 15th Day, came out last year and continues to bring him to the attention of an ever-growing fan-base but you should also spend a few moments on his brand new single, 'Friendly', as well as an excellent Radio 1 Live Lounge rendition of Blu Cantrell's 'Breathe', below.