You'll have heard of this lot recently as we did a big feature on them last November and they've just been announced as coming fifth in the BBC Music Sound of 2016. Their soul-pop vibes have already drawn plaudits aplenty and Nicola counts herself among their fans.

Nicola says: "They're going to have a great year. They have that cheeky guy thing going on, their personality really shines through and the music is great." The video for their most recent release, 'Got Love', came out in December and has already had close to 300,000 views. The trio describe the track as a song about genuine love: "It's about girls that want guys who do so much for them and maybe the guy hasn't got the means, but he has the love to give. It's just about expressing feelings for some people," the band's Akelle told The 405.

For further viewing, check out the boys' video for 'In2', below.