Here's Nicolas Godin, one half of French duo Air alongside Jean-Benoît Dunckel, with news of a forthcoming solo album. Called Contrepoint, the release, says Godin, aims to "grow up musically, to renew myself," at the same time explaining that his roots are in classical music; it's inspired by infamous pianist Glenn Gould and his performances of Bach.

And you can certainly hear that in the first track to be oozed from the album, 'Orca' – a bleeperie in analogue with distorted guitar swipes and symphonic strings that soon turns into a chiptune-style set of ferocious fugues (themselves examples of contrepoint or counterpoint as we say in English), punctuated by dynamic guitar hits, ever more decayed and garbled towards the end. We like this renewed Nicolas Godin. We also like the abstract video by Sean Pecknold (brother of Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold) – watch that below.

Contrepoint arrives later this year on Because Music.