Nicolas Jaar has announced the impending release of a musical cube called 'The Prism'. From his newly created company, Clown & Sunset Aesthetic, ‘The Prism’ is an audio device intended to play a selection of songs curated by Jaar himself.

Jaar, who released Space Is Only Noise in early 2011, announced the device today, and whilst ‘The Prism’ is certainly something definitely different, the question on everyone’s mind seems to be, ‘Wut?’

On the Clown & Sunset Aesthetic website, the device is laid out in its glory, and interestingly has a product code of ‘CSA001’ suggesting that this is the first of many on its way from the company. With two headphone ports, shared listening seems to be suggestion, and regardless of the general zaniness of the product, Jaar certainly seems to be doing something quite interesting with the talent and resources he has.

See ‘The Prism’ in action below, and click here for the full run-down on the device. The device ships for $40 in April.