Nicolas Jaar has worked on this collaborative effort of a short film called '11 Times'. He puts his music to the Samantha Casolari-directed piece, working with legendary producer and longtime Gil Scott-Heron collaborator, Brian Jackson, to sonically illustrate the subject matter at hand.

Named '11 Times' after the number of times Eric Garner told the police he couldn't breathe, the short film follows 11 men who have experienced some form of racial discrimination or brutality from the NYPD. "I don't think that to talk about ugliness you necessarily have to be ugly," says Samantha, who was moved to create this emphatic piece of art following the civil protests across America last year, which were sparked by the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown last year. Read more about the film, released via Nowness, over at their site.

As for Nicolas Jaar… he's been busy, recently scoring a Soviet-era Armenian film, The Colour of Pomegranates, and even more recently sharing a remix of Florence and the Machine's 'What Kind of Man'.