Nicolas Jaar is a rather serious young man and artist, perhaps even verging on the portentous at times but it's pretty justified as he makes damn fine music.

However with this track 'The Ego' released on Clown & Sunset's Soundcloud on Friday, we get to see a hugely playful, hell, even fun side to his music, as a chopped and warped thick Jamaican accent ("Theatre Roosevelt" apparently) litters sound-bytes relating to the recent US Election. "Let-a Detroit Go Bankrupt" is repeated - a reference to Mitt Romney's remarks in November 2008 that resurfaced once again in this election's debates, amid dubby beats and light synths to create a glossy little jam.

The track was released on the corporate jizz-fest that is Black Friday, and it's certainly no coincidence in regards to this timing.

Teddy's ghost wishes you a happy thanksgiving!