Nigel Godrich has announced the upcoming bands/artists that'll stop by the From The Basement studios for their third season and in addition, the show will now be filmed in 3D on 3net a channel by the makers of Discovery, Sony and IMAX.

The announced acts so far are The Shins, Foster The People, Feist and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Godrich recently discussed the move to 3D with Entertainment Weekly and he had the following to say about the recently exploding technology.

"I was quite cynical about it when it was suggested to me. I'm very careful about anything that seems like a gimmick, but the technology is so good and it looks so amazing. When you see a photograph of an Impressionist painting, it doesn't really make sense until you go to France and stand in the museum and watch this thing vibrate in front of your face. It really is another level of intimacy, and it really translate in a really sophisticated way."

Also, has reported that those without the 3net channel will be able to view the program through smart phones or gaming consoles on Crackle starting in August.