Warp Records' loyal experimental beatsmith Nightmares On Wax returns to the label with a brand new "bubbly, warm and lively" LP soaked in blazing summer sounds.

The full length album titled Feelin' Good will take influences from NOW's sound's progression over the years - expect reggae, soul, funk, Latin and Tibetan influences as well as full orchestrations and string sections.

Evelyn's exciting new work comes from his sunnier disposition now his work and home life is based in the idyllic Balearic sunshine of Ibiza.

He says of his bright new zest for life: "It was always a natural dream to make music in the sun like I do now. Not to take away from any of my previous music but Feelin' Good is what I've always been trying to do."

Preview the sexed-up funk and classic Nightmares On Wax retro electronics of 'Now Is The Time' after the tracklist.

  • 1. So Here We Are
  • 2. Be, I Do
  • 3. Master Plan
  • 4. Luna 2 (ft. Wolfgang Haffner)
  • 5. Now Is the Time
  • 6. Give Thx
  • 7. Eye (Can't See)
  • 8. Tapestry
  • 9. There 4u
  • 10. Om Sweet H(Om)e