I thought I recognised Ashnikko's voice and turns out I've heard her before, on a song called 'Damsel' – back when she was living in Riga, Latvia. Now she lives in London, but she's originally from North Carolina. I remember thinking back then that her voice was distinctive, busting with attitude and flavour, and wondering when she'd gain more recognition for those vehement vocals. Well, it turns out that it's happening kinda around this time right now.

This time around she lends her talents to a track called 'Kiss Kat' by Slovenian-born musicmaker, Maya Medvesek, aka Nightwave (a Red Bull Music Academy graduate of '11, amongst other things). It rumbles with unrelenting energy, zips and zings with overflowing popcorn synth, or like bumping onwards with shady, distorted kicks, neon flashing amidst gritty undertones, hyperactive and violent, with Ashnikko elastically super-confident and super-natural rapping over the rapid-fire beats.

This comes from an upcoming four-track EP called Nightlife, out 1st December on fresh, Glasgow-based, Nightwave-founded label, Heka Trax.

  • Nightlife tracklist:
  • 1. Nightlife
  • 2. Birdland
  • 3. Kiss Kat ft Ashnikko
  • 4. Shut It Down ft TT The Artist