Nina Kinert is one of those unusual people, you don´t expect to be unusual. When I entered the venue, I was already running late and in such a hurry to get to the front I forgot to take notice of the fact that the room was close to being completely empty. Only 20 minutes prior to the show it made me feel a little sad for Kinert. When she came on stage to play the Melkweg venue in Amsterdam last night no one even noticed she was already there. So she waited patiently for people to be quiet and let her welcome us. `Hello all of you wonderful.. Dutch people´, she says while her Swedish accent betrays the fact that she isn´t a native speaker. She doesn´t mind though, as we find out throughout the show, because she keeps chatting away. About dead grandmothers, her being a bitch, songs.. and songs is what she´s there for. Though she´s claimed people like Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan to be her influences, her peculiarity reminds me of Janis Joplin or a band like The Cure. Her voice possibly even tops those of great singers like Aretha Franklin or more recent: Christina Aguilera. I realise those are big words for a 25 year old barely anyone knows. But Nina Kinert, the girl that hides behind beanies, oversized dresses and a lot of mascara, proves to me that she is worth the praise. Not one single off-key moment during the entire show, just a breathtaking experience of upbeat songs like Get Off (about her 'sweet and very dead grandmother') and ballads like Beast (or bitch as she likes to call it). For the little money it takes to go and see her I advise everyone to to do so. The girl that you now possibly know off of SAAB commercials or duets with Steve Jansen might become next in line of those great singers. The least someone with her talent and aura deserves is just that.