Following the release of the addictive 'Selfish' [feat. Leo Luchini] last month, London-based singer/songwriter NIPAH is back with its official video, which we are thrilled to premiere today. Directed by Cre8tive Effection (also responsible for the cinematography), the clip is a hymn to visual nostalgia as it was shot entirely on VHS -- a technical characteristic that proves to enhance the old school vibe of a tune that NIPAH says was inspired by Amy Winehouse’s 'Addicted': "It’s my upbeat yet chilled rendition of how selfish one can be when it comes to sharing weed, with someone who smokes yet never has their own."

NIPAH was also responsible for the video's creative direction and styling, making 'Selfish' a global showcase of her many talents. Check it out below, and be sure to head over to her official website to keep tabs on this emerging star.