Release Date: 13/10/08 Label: Cooking Vinyl Link: Buy: Amazon UK You may be forgiven for not knowing who Nitin Sawhney is, for me his name was more familiar than the actual music he creates but trust me when I say he's damn prolific. London Undersound is his eighth album, he's won numerous awards and played all over the world to all sorts of audiences. >A lot of his music often have a political narrative to them, or at least the sort of narrative that goes beyond the confines of just being music to dance to (He's also a DJ too!). So what's the story here then? Well it's not hard to see from the title that this album is his ode to the city he's lived in for 20 years but it's not all trips on the london eye and shopping down Camden Market here. It's much more serious than that.  This time around Sawhney has decided to write an album based around how London has changed since the 9/11 but more specifically the events that happened in London on 7/7. The result is an 18 track album full of collaborations with people that also had their own feelings and worries about the capital. It's not suprising that an evernt like that would change people perspectives on life and London in general but for me I always felt safe here. If you go around worrying too much about things that you have little to no control over then you run the risk of completely wasting your life. So musically for me this album has some great moments, especially on the more oriental songs like 'Ek Jann', 'Firmament' and 'Charu Keshi Rain' that are are beautiful regardless of any subtext, it's just a shame the bigger picture Sawhney is trying to paint was one I really couldn't connect with. In the press release Sawhney said "It's music that washes away all the impurities that can populate your mind" and I can totally see where he's coming from, it's certainly not a negative album but for me he missed the point a bit, especially on 'My Soul'. Though that probably has more to do with my hatred of Paul McCartney! Rating: 5/10