Label: Function Records Website: The last experimental/avante garde album I really got my teeth in to was Symphony for Dolphin and Duck by Into The Light Carol Anne. Man, I wish I was still listening to that album. Chauffeurs by Nitkowski has a number of germs of absolute genius, but sadly these are outweighed by the bacteria of utter tedium. The downfall of Nitkowski’s debut album is that the work seems to have no roadmap. Perhaps it got lost. There’s no denying the passion and commitment of the three performers, E + D + A, who make up Nitkowski, that comes shining through in their performances. But there's something missing from Chauffeurs, it has a big gap... It's not quite clever enough. The third track, ‘Needs’, starts well and begins to go places. It’s reminiscent, in parts, of the work of the more mainstream offerings from Foals and, more recently, The Great Eskimo Hoax. ‘Needs’ is easily the most enjoyable work on the album. ‘Rev Kid Perv Rap’ comes a close second in the Best Track on the Album list. Once again, there's so much to enjoy here. Unfortunately what this does, together with ‘Needs’, is show up the rest of the album for the attempt at musical art that it could have been. The lack of consistent approach in the tonal and melodic deconstruction jars uncomfortably and this adds to the general feeling that Chauffeurs doesn’t really know where it’s going. Or how it’s going to get there. An honourable mention must go to ‘Scrubbers’. I don’t derive the modern idiom from this track. To me it speaks of the tedium of, well, scrubbing. It also has an uncomfortably dark, slightly menacing corner. Don’t overlook this track if the album comes your way, it’s one of those germs of absolute genius. ‘Bite My Tongue And Do It For The Dogs’ is an easy winner of this week’s Most Contrived Name for an Album Track award. I might have bought this album as a student, but only to wind up the swots I shared a house with. It's undoubtedly worth keeping an eye on these guys for the future, but would I rush out and buy Chauffeur if I wanted a ground-breaking work of contemporary musical culture? No. I'll stick to Symphony for Dolphin and Duck. Rating: 3/10