Beloved punk duo No Age have been uncharacteristically quiet since the release of their 2013 album An Object, aside from a couple of under-the-radar releases, but that all changes today as the band has loosed ripping new single 'Soft Collar Fad' into the world.

'Soft Collar Fad' immediately calls back the scrappy, shoegazy rock of their scorching early singles; managing to burn through layers of inspiration and noise in just under two-and-a-half minutes. It's a promising signal of what's to come on their newly announced album Snares Like A Haircut, which will be coming out on January 26th through Drag City. So get that marked on your calendars for next year!

For now, enjoy 'Soft Collar Fad' below.

Snares Like A Haircut track list:

01. Cruise Control
02. Stuck in the Changer
03. Drippy
04. Send Me
05. Snares Like a Haircut
06. Tidal
07. Soft Collar Fad
08. Popper
09. Secret Swamp
10. Third Grade Rave
11. Squashed
12. Primitive Plus