Noah and the Whale - Tonight's The Kind Of Night

Noah and the Whale’s 'Tonight’s The Kind Of Night' has been given a shoe stomping, crowd clapping in metronomic unison, remix by RAC. (Not the driving company, silly) As with most Noah and The Whale offerings, the song is probably best heard in a field somewhere, with people dancing around campsites, kicking mud at each other. Oh, what do you know, NATW play at Glastonbury next week don’t they!

Oh Minnows - Another Volunteer

As a sort of musical cherry on top, the lovely girl folks at Young and Lost Club have put up a free download of a track from Oh Minnows’ debut album For Shadows. The song, 'Another Volunteer', has a mellow but spaced aged feel to it. Imagine piloting the Millenium Falcon after a deep inhalation of a Class B substance and you get the idea. The song is only available for a short time so click below quickly. For Shadows is out now!

You can get them both for free from

Y&L are teaming up with Bungalow 8 on Tuesday 21st June for a pretty cool event. Special guest DJs will be Thrush Metal, Hutchface, Cherish, Lambrini Girl and Young & Lost Club. Doors 10pm - 3am, rsvp for free guest list to