Bronx hip-hop artist Noah Vinson is readying his new mixtape, Young & Proud, for release late this year. In the meantime, Vinson has given us 'Y.G.A.', a new bonus track from Young & Proud that succeeds in whetting our appetites.

'Y.G.A.', or 'Young, Gifted, and Authentic', finds Vinson teaming up with Los Angeles producer Sirplus and crafting a sunny slice of positive hip-hop that keeps its feet on the ground at the same time. Sirplus' production is all seventies funk where flutes and strings swirl in the background and soulful voices add a gospel feel to the track. Vinson's flow is effortless. His verses flow over the track with such ease that the track is instantly familiar.

'Y.G.A.' is an optimistic call to open our eyes and overcome whatever's holding us down. And if this is a bonus track, Noah Vinson's Young & Proud mixtape will be something to hear indeed.