You know that feeling when you're super comfortable in someones company, in an intimate sense? And how your proxemics are kind of at one with each other? No awkward shit, tension vanquished, pure contentment.

Well this is kinda the feeling generated by Noah x SELA.. Noah is a Japanese artist based in Nagoya with a background in formal music education and utilises this classical approach to arrange some stunning sounds, weaving it into a ghostly R&B sunk into some deep ambient electronica. SELA. is a producer found on the other side of the Pacific in California and between them have created a beautiful thing, an alluring 2am ambient bubble where everything is okay, using some assured Laurel Halo-esque vocals absorbed in the warm, trenchant pleasure of Balam Acab. The kind of stuff that could belong on Friends of Friends, home to some choice cutting edge producers. That's a high-praise sentence there folks.

'drive' here is a shade too fleeting to judge fully, but having heard the album it's something that needs to be listened to - and it's of no surprise to find it on Japanese label Flau (who we love), home of fellow dream-popper Cuushe. The split EP will be out on 15th April in digital form - details here.