Last year Tel-Aviv singer Noga Erez released her debut album Off The Radar (which we very much enjoyed), in which she powerfully paired punchy bass-pop with outspoken verbalisations. This week she has returned with a new track called 'Bad Habits', which continues with this devastating formula.

For many people 2016 and 2017 were the worst years in history, but for Noga Erez it's this year that has really been the cherry on top of that shit cake. "'Bad Habits' is written from a place where one feels they’ve lost all direction and meaning” Erez explains. “2018, so far, feels to me like living in a place that continues to go down a sloppy road that leads to the loss of any core values that we have grown up with. "Bad Habits" is an adult adaption of a "teen rage against the world" song... a raw and instinctive release of negative energy through a passionate and cathartic blast of anger.”

That teen fury flies unapologetically out at you in 'Bad Habits', like a gob of spit straight in your eye from a yard away. The stuttering and throbbing production sets the scene, but when Erez comes in with a haggard drawl she is immediately the focal point of the song. She remains that way through 'Bad Habits'' rises and falls, with her punk attitude only increasing as the song progresses, challenging throughout: "who the fuck are you?". By the track's emphatic crescendo, Noga Erez is long out of patience, and just lets her unbridled passion out in all of its fiery potency.

Noga Erez live dates:

09 Munich, DE - PULS Open Air Festival
13 Hannover, DE - d!Campus Festival
23 Tel Aviv, IL - Barby
26 Krakow, PL - Jewish Culture Festival
28 Lärz, DE - Fusion Festival
29 Chemnitz, DE - Kosmonaut Festival
30 Marsellie, FR - Soundports Festival

27 Woodstockenboi, AT - woodstockenboi Festival
28 Charlton Park, UK - WOMAD Festival

02 Elend Bei Sorge, DE - Rocken Am Brocken Festival
03 Diepholz, DE - Appletree Garden Festival
04 Hamburg, DE - Vogelball Festival
05 Varel, DE - Watt En Schlick Festival
12 Bari, IT - Chiú Festival
17 Berlin, DE - PopKultur Festival
18 Storkow, DE - Alinæ Lumr Festival
19 Bergheider See, DE - Artlake Festival
25 Assisi, IT - Riverock Festival
27 Zurich, CH – Theaterspieltakel