Tel Aviv artist Noga Erez is releasing her new album Off The Radar on June 2 via City Slang. And for those who aren't yet familiar with the bold single, you'll be able to get a taste of what to expect with the brave and urgent video for her new single 'Pity.

"The song “Pity” was influenced by a sexual assault case that happened a few years ago. What made it even more alarming and upsetting for me was the fact that it was documented by several different people who were there when it happened. People stood by and willingly chose to film on their smartphones and then upload the videos and share them online. The presence of cameras and the violation of the victim’s rights and respect was completely disregarded beyond measure," she says.

"This is the second time we had a chance to work on a video with talented directors 'Zhang + Knight'. For them, as for us, the horrifying story was extremely powerful and chilling. We decided to focus on the video/documenting angle, isolating it from the rest of the story. Creating a performance based video, shooting me from many different camera angles, while playing the footage live on screens behind me. Displaying how quickly and easily video documentation becomes shared, publicised and distorted. Many times, it's done so without the person's knowledge, consent and without accountability"