How nice is this? It's rhetorical, but still – I'll answer, don't worry. It's really nice. Really really nice. And it's from a nocturnal, New York City-residing maker of music and singer called Kara Francavillo, aka Nola Wren. This track, her latest, is called 'Soul Sucker' and I was instantly taken by it, instantly addicted.

There are hooks littering the supersweet vocals, summoning nostalgic power pop in each softly sung verse and each rapid-fire, almost joyful chorus. These reverb beautifully over twanging gently distorted acoustic guitar and sprinklings of micro-synth, with jagged near-atonal chiptune spikes in the choruses as shakers ornament the four-on-the-floor beat. It's just a great song, totally catchy, a fresh take on typical indie-acoustic singer-songwriting; and, what's more, a "new demo of an old song" – if this is the demo, then I'm sure we can expect even better things from Nola Wren in the near-future.

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