Noise pioneer NON (Boyd Rice) has announced the upcoming release of a new LP titled Back To Mono, which will feature not only new material but also, some material that has yet to be heard in the public ears, dating back over 40 years in some cases.

In a press release, Rice spoke about the album:

"I was doing sample-based music about a decade before the advent of samplers, when everyone else was using bass, guitars, keyboards and drums. It has been said that I invented the first sampler. Perhaps I did. At the time I called it the N.M.U. (or noise manipulation unit). It allowed me to essentially sample numerous tracks of noise and mould them into rudimentary rhythms. This was my principle instrument for a good many years and can be heard in the late 70s archival recordings on Back to Mono."

Back To Mono will be released on November 6th through Mute and you can see the highly anticipated LP's track listing below.

  • Track Listing:
  • 1. Turn Me On, Dead Man
  • 2. Watusi
  • 3. Back to Mono
  • 4. Seven Sermons to the Dead
  • 5. Obey Your Signal Only
  • 6. Man Cannot Flatter Fate
  • 7. Scream [Live, 1979]
  • 8. Back to Mono [Live]
  • 9. Turn Me On, Dead Man (Reprise)
  • 10. Fire Shall Come
  • 11. Warm Leatherette