You probably know NONONO from their whistle filled jam 'Pumpin Blood', and now the Swedish trio are back with another new track 'Hungry Eyes'. It's a slower affair than 'Pumpin Blood', but Stina Wappling's beautiful voice soars over the laid-back piano and powerful drums. The song appears to be part of a 2 track single with 'Scared' being the second track. The band posted a statement to their Facebook about the track, saying:

We have had the best year with Pumpin! We got to see a lot of different places and people and received a lot of love, thank you for the support from the bottom of our three hearts!

In Scandinavia Pumpin Blood was released already in April last year so we felt it was time for some new music, therefore our new single Hungry Eyes is released now in Scandinavia.

Still we want for you other NNN friends to take part in the music as well, so here it is on Soundcloud. Hope you will like it!

We will be around as soon as we can for new music and a proper album

Peace & Love/Michel Stina and Tobias NNN

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