Label: Setanta Release date: 12/07/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Did you ever spend summery afternoons in the school holidays, lazing around inside because you could, while gaudy 50s Technicolor films played in the background? If so you'll have a fairly good idea of what Noonday Underground's K-O Chorale sounds like. Quirky vocal tracks swim over looped drums and dreamy melodies, with an end result somewhat reminiscent of a less playful version of early noughties favourites the Avalanches. The album opens very promisingly with 'My Silent Heart', distorted chorus samples play over an Austin Powers-esque sixties beat, and there's a jerky clockwork feel, almost a twisted Camberwick Green. 'Kiss Me' too is a stand out track, with blissed out strings and wonderful, muted horns. Where this album falls down however, is that there is little variation between the tracks, and while the vocal samples are endearing at first, they rapidly become irritating. The methodology is sound, but there's not enough here to warrant an entire album. Furthermore, K-O Chorale feels far too much rooted in the beginning of the last decade; similarity to the Avalanches has already been mentioned, but there are wafts of I Monster, Lemon Jelly and Mr Scruff, without the finesse that went along with the latter, and more importantly, without anything to show that ten years have passed. I have always felt that music, and art in general, is at its best when it makes you feel something, no matter what that feeling is. Following that train of thought this album is very intriguing. Active ambivalence is a rare thing, but here the Oxford English Dictionary definition stands true; I enjoy individual songs on this album greatly, but, three tracks or more and I'm yanking my headphones out. Songs feel too cluttered, but if you were to imagine removing the, by this point, much maligned chorals, then you would hear that behind them is nice, but not very interesting music. This album is an idea, thought out and executed relatively well, what it is not though is a good album, and that's a shame because it definitely would be a good song, and now that I've heard the album I don't think I can bring myself to listen to any of these songs again. Photobucket