Well, this kind of makes things better. Prior to discovering otherwise, we along with many other people were under the impression that Tidal's subscription had inexplicable increased from $19.99 per month to $25.99 ($9.99/m to $12.99/m for "Tidal Premium"). But it's not the case.

Tidal have made it clear that it's merely a difference in the platform you use to experience the streaming service. "The reason the in-app purchase subscription cost differs from the subscription price on TIDAL.com is due to the Apple service fee imposed for using their service," they said.

So if you get Tidal as an iOS app, expect to pay $6 (or $3) more per month. If you can stand not using it on your phone (if you use it at all), then you'll be safely avoiding any bump in the subscription.

A couple of days ago Jay Z took to Twitter to defend his new project.