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Here we go again…It's time for the March edition of our Nordic Adventures feature and as per usual there have been no shortage of excellent Nordic music over the past month. Right after finishing this column the news made its way across the internet that the Swedish duo Air France has broken up. Despite having released only two EPs and a few individual tracks online the duo are considered among the chief acts of the Scandinavian music scene since the mid-'00s – and rightfully so. Last August they released 'It Feels Good To Be Around' online and from the looks of it it'll be their final release. Give it a listen below. They will be missed.

Let's get started with the regular column. I'll begin with arguably one of the most talked about and exciting acts right now; namely Niki and the Dove. The duo of Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf are set to release their much-anticipated debut record Instinct on May 14 and a few weeks back Annie Mac premiered the first new material to appear on the record. The track is called 'Tomorrow' and it's just as good as you'd expect. Listen to the radio premiere of it below.

This next tune has been in constant rotation since it originally appeared back in early December and as the video for the track was unveiled in late February I'd say it's valid for inclusion here. Plus it's amazing. The track in question is called 'Won't Go' by the Swedish artists Dante - who's probably more known as the drummer of Swedish indie pop act The Concretes – who for the past year or so has been releasing a string of amazing music on his own. 'Won't Go' won't appear on his upcoming album debut as it samples a certain very well-known British artist, but judging by it and his previous two singles 'Runners' and 'Next To You' the album is going to something special. The video for 'Won't Go' was filmed during Dante's visit to China last year by Olle Kirchmeier. Watch it below.

Next up we've got Philco Fiction, a great Norwegian act – that's probably a first for this series (the fault lies with me and not my fellow Scandinavians) – who recently released their Finally EP via the Oslo-based label Brilliance. It's a great EP and it follows their equally strong debut album Take It Personal, which was released last fall via the very same label. The band have unveiled a beautiful video for the title track of the Finally EP and you can watch it below.

Prior to the release of their newest track 'Believe' (which you can stream below coincidentally) World Tour from Östersund, Sweden had only released one track, but 'Believe' have already gathered over 23,000 plays on Soundcloud. 'Believe' is taken from the trio's upcoming debut EP Believe, which will be released via Cascine on April 10. Just take all your favourite Scandinavian Balearic acts and throw them into a blender and Believe is what comes out – and it sounds fantastic.

To (almost) finish things we've got the Swedish indie rock/Americana act Loosegoats. Loosegoats were originally active between in the mid-'90s to early '00s before splitting and singer-songwriter Christian Kjellvander heading out on a successful solo career. Since then Loosegoats have become something of a cult act and they've now reformed with a record scheduled for release on April 18. The album is titled Ideas For To Travel Down Death's Merry Road – quite a mouthful there – and you can listen to the first single from the album below. It's called 'Montananas' and it sounds just like a fan of Loosegoats would hope; an excellent mix of '90s styled indie rock and lonesome Americana.

As usual there's a few things that should've been included but couldn't fit so go ahead and watch a new video from Francis for 'Traktor' and a new video for Dungen's 'Blandband' as well. Plus listen to a track from the Finnish singer-songwriter Sansa's upcoming debut record – some excellent Scandinavian pop right there. 'Redemption' from the Swedish indie-Americana act Amandine's new self-titled record as well as the half-Nordic half-Philadelphian I Break Horses/CSLSX collaboration 'Violent Sea'. All available below. See you next month.