This month saw the return of one of Sweden's best and brightest artists Taken By Trees, the pseudonym of former Concretes vocalist Victoria Bergsman, who released the first single from her upcoming third solo record Outer Worlds. Outer Worlds is extremely interesting on the production side in a Nordic perspective as well as it's produced by Henning Fürst of The Tough Alliance. The LP will be released via Secretly Canadian on October 2 but for now we'll have to be satisfied with the amazing single 'Dreams', and we've got the video available below.

Stockholm songstress Faye has been a steady fixture in the past few columns with 'Water Against The Rocks', one of the top pop singles of the year, and here she is again. This time it's with a remix of 'Water Against The Rocks' from Stockholm's Museum Of Bellas Artes, and they've completely reinvented the song and made it into something else – but equally great. Check out the remix below.

Stockholm punk act Holograms have been getting a lot attention lately with their self-titled debut LP being released this month via Captured Tracks and they're surely worthy of the attention they're being given. Holograms is without a doubt one of the strongest punk records to come out of the Nordics for some time (in my opinion it's better than Iceage) but you shouldn't take my word for it – listen to the full LP below (or just head straight to 'ABC City; if you just want a taste).

The good folks at Cascine have a good eye for talent, and especially Nordic talent as they've released excellent EPs from both World Tour and Ditt Inre this year and now they're back with another one – the True EP from Picture. Like the World Tour and Ditt Inre EP, it's a debut release, but behind the name Picture hides David Kyhlberg from Sail A Whale. Check out the lead single 'True' below. If you've got a taste for Nordic electronic music you're won't be disappointed.

Speaking of Cascine and Ditt Inre; Ditt Inre released the video for EP standout 'Månljus (Saknad)' in mid-June, and it's beautifully shot, although it features a lot of wanton destruction and some animal cruelty. The video is available below and, like with all Cascine releases, you can stream the full EP over here.

Besides these, there have been a slew of impressive artists as well, with my two choices for the best being Stockholm rapper Elliphant and piano singer-songwriter Big Fox. Elliphant released her third single for the year 'Ciant Hear It' in early July and followed it with the video last week, and Big Fox released the video for her single 'Grow Up' (taken from last year's self-titled LP).