Something undeniably fresh here from North Carolina rapper and producer, Noremac the Prophet. This particular track is called 'Golden' and it does indeed summon golden, eternal landscapes, horizons of an endless summer in suburbia; thanks to the sampled strings on loop and Noremac's nonchalant style, it seemingly serves to illustrate well the escapades of local skateboarders in a chilled milieu of what I guess you could call skate-hop.

In that sense, it's kind of a nostalgic sound, something that would be right at home as the soundtrack to a stage in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (definitely the first or second one). But being an actual modern person there are modern references in his rhymes, talking about social networks and Super Saiyans (from Dragonball Z, duh) amongst other things. The confident refrain – "Everything I create is golden, golden" – exudes an indomitable positivity, and he's not far wrong: his wordplay is satisfyingly clever and far too numerous to list here.