North Korea are giving us media people something to write about. So thank you very much for hacking and stuff. And since it's all out in the public domain, to ask us to not write about it would be similar to censorship. In a strange irony, North Korea is actually forcing us to be more like them – by not showing The Interview, censoring it, we are removing art (which it is) for political reasons, which is very DPRK. Now, with these emails, they're almost daring us to create a kind of gagging order on people publishing posts and stories based on material acquired by hacking, or to put it another way: controlling the press, controlling the media. Again, very DPRK. Clever — scary, but clever.

On the other hand, having your emails hacked can be devastating.

So in the latest spillage from the hacking of Sony – previous offerings including a feature-length film by Kanye West – here's an email from Sony president of global digital business Dennis Kooker to Sony Entertainment CEO, Michael Lynton, kind of on behalf of Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel.

Three interesting things, 1) "he thinks every music service in the market is sh*t" — what? Literally every single one? Wow. There's no pleasing some people, geez.

2) That Evan wants to build a record label and was able to go straight to Sony. So there you go, there's a life lesson in here. If you ever want to get anything done for yourself, just ask your well-connected connections. Just work a little bit, make like, a huge tech company, then just create whatever you want by asking even richer companies to help you. Brilliant!

3) The email is excruciatingly boring, and doesn't actually say yes or no about anything.

So, yeah, here it is.


I was only able to see Evan for about 30 minutes yesterday but that was enough time for him to express his thoughts and leave us with some things to think about if there is going to a music play within Snapchat. He didn't end up showing some of the developments in the platform that may benefit music but referenced them in the discussion. First, he thinks every music service in the market is sh*t and he wants to be a curator. He doesn't want to build a music service but he would like to have a record label so he could focus on the artists that he wants to use the platform to promote. He also wants to participate in the upside that he will create by promoting them on the platform. He later backed off a bit from being a record label to maybe testing the concept first. Obviously he doesn't understand some of the important nuances around the business about what rights a record label does and does not have.

I appreciate the introduction. I am going to go back to my team with some of these concepts and see if we can get creative in how we could get something to work here that is in the direction of Evan's vision and get him more exposed to what we can bring to Snapchat. We have a lot of ideas of our own but I don't think Evan will engage in our ideas until we try to move something forward that he wants to accomplish.

Please let me know if you want to discuss further