Though technically a new project, Leafy Seadragon brings significant experience and pedigree to the table. Featuring Allen Clapp of The Orange Peels and Alison Faith Levy of The Loud Family, Leafy Seadragon is the product of two of Northern California's best musical minds. On their debut single, 'Disagree to Disagree,' Clapp and Levy put a fresh spin on the smooth, sunny rock singles of the late '70s.

At a time when political strife and instability has led to a great deal of conflict, 'Disagree to Disagree' offers a musical antidote steeped in understanding and compassion.

"When considering the timing of this single, we couldn’t help but see a parallel to our country’s current political climate, where everyone is arguing each other down, leading with our differences, and fleeing the middle ground," explains Clapp.

"It’s as if the entire country were like the couple in this song," adds Levy. "They need and want so desperately to stay together, they love each other, yet they just can’t stop arguing and misunderstanding each other’s core intent. We can’t even agree to disagree anymore."

You can stream Leafy Seadragon's feel-good single 'Disagree to Disagree' up above. And be sure to check out the group's Bandcamp for future releases.